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Julio Opazo was born in1974 in Constitución, Chile.

From 1990, he had entered the acrobatic gymnastic team of Tarapaca (Chile) for seven years. He had took part in opening ceremonies, cultural exhibitions and regional competitions, in which he got optimal results.

After that, together with four friends, they created a dancing band named “Los Falcons”. In three years they reached high popularity in their city and brighten up school parties, opening ceremonies, discos and beneficence acts.

Later, he started the art of juggling for five years, and it was in 2002, when the successful “Los Chatos” duo was formed.

At the same time that all above, he was always interested in the world of magic, which is the main discipline of his solo “Play”

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The tramp

Before us stands a Tramp,drunken and clumsy, but yet fully aware of his audience.

This subtle clown does not bring us magic in form of big illusions and expensive sets, but deals with the far smaller, more modest world of a tramp. His comical magic is provoked by the problems he has with clothing, wine, pigeons and hunger!

Flash is a charismatic, elegant and spontaneous performer, trained in physical theater, dance and acrobatics. His art is full of detail, movement, precise expression and the ability to seize the moment!

This personality is so likeable you will want to take home with you!


-La Strada, Germany

-Musicarte Ossi, Italy

-Berlin-Lacht! Mariannenplatz, Germany

-World Village Festival, Finland

-Lochem, Holland

-Attendorn, Germany

-Kleinkunstfestival auf Schloss Haindorf, Germany

-Arteprima, Sarmede, Italy

-International Magic Compettion Sankt Wendel Germany
-Le Voyage Magique 2017 France
-Heilbronn Magic festival, Germany
-Internationale Straßenkunsttage auf der Nordseeinsel,Germany
-Suhler StraßenTheater Festival Germany
-StraKuFe Partenkirchen Gamisch -Lüdenscheid.Germany
-PflasterArt - Strassenkünstlerfestival Bad Oldesloe Gemany -Künstler-Fest in Duhnen / Cuxhaven / Northsea (los Chatos perfomance)Germany -Theater für Kinder (los Chatos perfomance) Herne Germany
-Sankt wendel Magic Competition Germany
-Vevey, Zuiza (los Chatos perfomance)
-Festival de Arte en la Calle EnPie ,Gran Canarias Spain -strassenkulturfest Nordhorn Germany
-Kunsten op Straat Raalte Holand
-Ibla Buskers Cicily Italy
-Kulturhof Kosma Varieté dinner show Liepzig germany
-Vimercate Sottosopra:il festival internazionale di teatro Circo I


Words never reach, when what to say overflows the soul

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