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Flash Gonzalez
International Actor and Magician from Chile
Words never reach, when what to say overflows the Soul

What characterizes the Flash Gonzalez show, from many other shows?

The ability to communicate and connect with your audience without saying a word. This gives it the flexibility to be displayed anywhere in the world and even reach those with hearing problems. With more than 20 years of experience in street and stage theater. And a very high level and unique proposal.

Lost & Found Show

It is full of new routines created in 2022 and 2023.
Adding more acrobatic numbers to the show. It very delicately combines the art of performing comedy without words and theater mixed with magic and dance.
The story is then transformed into a black and white film and 3 scenes that define the show

The Tramp

He bewitches you without saying a single word, full of emotions and amazes you. Every gesture becomes a story, every look into a smile. Flash, the charismatic wanderer, takes you on a journey through his adventures and transports you to them.

In his street theater show, magic tricks1 merge with theater and acrobatics in a silent and poetic symphony. That takes you to a world of surprises and laughter

Flash González - The master of the moment. Book it now and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of it!

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Outstanding  International Festivals


-Art & Life v Ulicích,Czech Republic 

-La Strada, Germany

-La Notte delle Streghe , Italy

-Berlin-Lacht! Mariannenplatz, Germany

-World Village Festival, Finland

-Lochem, Holland

-Attendorn, Germany

-Kleinkunstfestival auf Schloss Haindorf, Germany

-Arteprima, Sarmede, Italy

-International Magic Compettion Sankt Wendel, Germany
-Le Voyage Magique 2017, France
-Heilbronn Magic festival, Germany
-Internationale Straßenkunsttage auf der Nordseeinsel, Germany
-Suhler StraßenTheater Festival Germany
-StraKuFe Partenkirchen Gamisch , 
-PflasterArt - Strassenkünstlerfestival Bad Oldesloe Germany

-Künstler-Fest in Duhnen / Cuxhaven / Northsea (los Chatos

-Bamberg Zaubert, Germany

-Herne,  Germany
-Carnaval Sztukmistrzów, Poland

-Vevey, Zuiza 
-Festival de Arte en la Calle EnPie, Gran Canarias Spain

-strassenkulturfest Nordhorn, Germany
-Kunsten op Straat Raalte, Holand
-Ibla Buskers Cicily, Italy
-Kulturhof Kosma Varieté dinner show Leipzig, Germany
-Vimercate Sottosopra:il festival internazionale di teatro Circo, Italy

-SchaubudenSommer Desden,Germany



Second price "MATIZ SHOW"
Third price "
Special price of the jury"

Master of Magic
Magic Competition

Second price

22. Internationales Kleinkunstfestival
Pfingsten 2023

Second price 2023

Sztukmistrzów Festival in Lublin, Poland.

Second price 2021

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Behind the character


Julio Opazo was born in1974 in Constitución, Chile.

From 1990, he had entered the acrobatic gymnastic team of Tarapaca (Chile) for seven years. 

After that, together with four friends, they created a dancing band named “Los Falcons”. In three years they reached high popularity in their city 

Later, he started the art of juggling for five years, At the same time he began to train in the world of Object Manipulation, where he learned the arts of illusion and the essence of magic. and it was in 2002, when the successful “Los Chatos” duo was formed.

where they won admiration and recognition as an international artist in Europe and Asia.

after 5 years of career in Duo.
He is born Flash Gonzalez and to this day, he uses magic as the common thread of the characters that create the wonder of the world of interpretation and acting.

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International Actor and Magician from Chile
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