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Lost and Found 
Premiere 2022
Lost and found The groovy Picture

“Lost and Found” is the newest street show Flash Gonzales has created. An entertaining and very delightful moment for the audience, watching this funny character interacting and playing with the people. It is a masterpiece of improvisation, animation and magical theater.  He surprises his audience with juggling and impressive magic numbers, but gains their heart with his funny movements and charismatic character. A show that you will never forget.

Way lost and found?

After the tragedy loss of all his baggage in one airport of Gran Canaria he was obligated to start a show from zero. He had to improvise in magic festivals without any routine that he was showing for years. So he learned how to make people laugh and surprise with nothing but himself and the few things he has in his pocket.

Tour 2022

La Villa Magica ,Gran Canarias Spain


SchaubudenSommer Festival Dresden Germany


Carnaval Sztukmistrzów 2022 Poland


Pop Artistik Festival Düsseldorf Germany


3000 Grad Festival Berlin Germany


Das magische Kinderfest Berlin Germany


Rostocker Straßenkultur Festival Rostock Germany


Busker Chur Suize

International Actor and Magician from Chile
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